Grease Trap Services

If you operate a restaurant or business that utilizes a kitchen, a grease trap catches animal fats and oils in kitchen wastewater before it reaches sewer lines. If this grease is allowed to build up over time, it could mean major fines and violations, which is bad for business!

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My Business Has a Grease Interceptor — Can You Service It?

Yes, we have experience servicing several Florida businesses with grease interceptors. No job is too small or large.

Can You Check my Grease Trap Levels on a Regular Basis?

Yes! Boyett’s contracts with nursing homes, hospitals, restaurants, industrial and commercial concerns to come out monthly and measure grease levels. The measurement is recorded and, if a change in service frequency is deemed necessary, we advise our customers of the situation.

Can You Provide Service at a Time that won’t Interfere with My Normal Business Operations?

Yes, we can provide service at any time you desire.

Do You Provide Documentation of Grease Manifest?

Yes, we maintain all records for our grease trap services. Should you ever need to prove compliance, we have the records available and can forward the manifest to your home or corporate office as well as the local authorities. Boyett’s handles as many of the details as possible so you don’t have to worry.

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Often times, business owners don’t realize that failing to properly care for and maintain grease traps can result in catastrophic damage to their business — and profit margins. Clogged pipes and tanks can result in raw sewage backing up into businesses. Don’t let this happen to you, call Boyett’s today at 850-944-5536.

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