Jag Port-a-Lisa 2-Room Trailer vanityThis unit has 1 male and 1 female restroom. This trailer is perfect for small weddings, holiday parties or corporate functions. Take your event to the next level.

Jag Port-a-Lisa 2-Room Trailer Features

  • Features 1 male & 1 female restroom 
  • Capable of 800+ flushes 
  • Air conditioned or heated 
  • AM/FM Stereo w/Bluetooth 
  • Modern flooring and countertops 
  • Lighted steps 
  • Hands-free flushing toilets 
  • 50 feet of power cord and water hose 


  • Requires regular 20-amp breaker and standard household plug for power
  • Requires water hookup for standard hookup or to fill tank if water is too far for final placement.
  • Set up space requires 11’ long by 6’ wide by 12’ height

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